Cornelious. Cornelious was a Roman soldier in the Bible. The first Gentile Christian which means to witness to the Gentiles. Born in Dallas Oak Cliff Texas grew up in that city, but was raised in a small town in East Texas. His mom raised him in the church he would go around singing from church to church leading his brother and sister in Christian hymns. Once out of High School he was awarded a football scholarship to the University Of Tulsa and received a Bachelor degree in History.


Upon his senior year in College, he began searching for his roots was tired of chasing women, using drugs and drinking and began to cry out to God for a more intimate relationship. Once football was over for him he began a teaching career in the Dallas Metro-plex area for 16 years it was there he began to see the hurting of inner-city youth and young adults and thought God how can I help? After attending his local church and being apart of choir and youth ministry for ten years God birth a ministry in him called Save Sinners. He wrote an album in Save Sinners :Tha HolySpirit which received praise from Dallas Weekly and Dallas Metro he has performed at local churches and community events such as Kwanza Oak Cliff Bible ,IBOC to name a few and currently is working on a second Album called Save Sinners:Tha Son. So we are excited to introduce you to this Man of God as The Ministry Of Save Sinners presents to you Cornelious.   



What is this all about? Well I'm glad you asked. We are a Para Church who functions as a record label. Our ministry main focus is evangelism. As a ministry we service homeless shelters and orphanages by giving free concerts and encouragement to get saved. Our scripture base is 1 Timothy 1:15-17 This is a faithful saying that Christ came down to this world to savesinners;of whom I am chief.Our target is inner city youth and young adults. Our strategy is to use witnessing, tracks, music, t-shirts, and apparel to promote the gospel. The lord stated if we follow him he will make us fisher of men. So were focused on getting the fish out of the water and allowing the church to clean them. We want to engage people to see there standing with God and encourage them to get saved and start the process of sanctification by finding a solid bible teaching church.


Our deepest passion is to express love without negating truth.The Bible states that this should be your motivating factor when dealing with people. The essence of Save Sinners is not witnessing its the result of witnessing.The goal at Save Sinners Records is to to influence the culture to look at this world from a bilblical standing and to warn unbelievers of there doom with dying without Christ. Our Ministry comes from the heart of the Apostle Paul who killed Christians for there beliefs and yet God saved him. He went on to write many books in the Bible and is a pillar to our faith to this very day. So what is our excuse for not getting saved and winning souls to Christ. We Have None. So we must boast in Gods grace and mercy by being grateful and expressing it through for filling The Great Commission using music, apparel, and videos as catalyst to promoting the Gospel. We do this in the name of Jesus who  is the Author and finisher of our faith.


Doctrinal Statement : ( What We Teach Through Music)

Eternal Sercurity

Last Days

Christ Alone For Salvation

Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Carnel Christian

Hell As Consequence For Denying Christ

Benefits OF Heaven



We not only want to celebrate Jesus in song we want to teach biblical principles through song we call it the Sermon Songs Of Save Sinners.